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Email Marketing

Build an engaged audience, and nurture your database with meaningful

email marketing.

Typically, Email Marketing has been severely underrated for some time. However in recent years, businesses have started to reap the benefits that building an engaged email database can provide.

Email Marketing is more than just sending out a monthly promotional hoping to snag a few sales. It's about building an audience that you own; an audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

In short, email marketing (when done correctly) gets results.


Define your audience & set measurable goals.

The first step in implementing a successful email marketing strategy is getting really clear on the target audience and how you will measure the success of your campaigns.

Rise Marketing & Creative will work with you to identify and set realistic goals for your email marketing strategy. In most cases, a quick discovery meeting will enable us to define your ideal target audience and from here, we will get planning!

Grow your database & drive sales.

Secondly, Rise Marketing & Creative will develop campaign concepts, including engaging copy, eye-catching graphics and irresistible lead magnets to start building your email database! Using a combination of marketing platforms, we will target your ideal audience, retarget engaged and interested consumers and drive sales *chef's kiss*.

Rise will track where your leads are coming from and report to you regularly so you're always in the loop.



Nurture your audience.

Building your email database is an exciting time. But it's not an overnight achievement! Part of the strategy we provide to our email marketing clients is focused on nurturing previous customers, and retaining a relationship with your engaged audience, built on trust, exclusivity and familiarity.

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