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Apps & Programs we use in our business; The Ultimate Guide

We’ve put together the ULTIMATE Guide to apps and programs that we use daily in our business that have the potential to streamline your processes, save you time and get results!

We often discuss online about how challenging it can be to wear ‘all the hats’ as a business owner.

From bookkeeping to marketing, customer support to business management – it’s a lot.

However it’s certainly more manageable when you have implemented the right programs, apps and systems to give you a helping hand.

Now, you all know that we’re HUGE advocates for outsourcing elements of your business to free your time and take a load off your plate…but we are also realistic!

We understand that this is not always possible when you’re starting out in your business.

So, we wanted to give you an inside look into the apps and programs we use daily, weekly and monthly here at Rise.

Maybe you already use them, maybe you’ve never heard of them! And maybe, they could end up saving you LOADS of time.

We’ve broken them down into categories in case there’s an area you’re particularly interested in working on in your business.

Business Management & Accounting


LastPass is the LIFE SAVER you didn’t know you needed. It’s a free, easy to use application that safely stores all your passwords, account details, logins, important notes – the lot!

Once you have saved a password in LastPass, you’ll always have it when you need it, securely. Of course, there’s a premium option available which provides you with more perks.

You can read all about LastPass by clicking here.

Google Workspace

The reason we love Google Workspace so much is because everything we need is in one place!

The main applications we use within our Google Workspace account are:

Gmail – Emails on-the-go. Across multiple devices. All synced. Amazing.

Calendar – Manage your life in one place. Google calendar links up with your Gmail to send meeting requests and reminders.

Meet – Video meetings made easy,

Drive – the main reason we love Google Drives is because it allows us to pick up where we left off on a project, working remotely from any location using any of the devices we use throughout our working week.

NOTE: There is a cost to have Google Workspace (less than $20AUD per month), but in our opinion, it’s more than worth it for the freedom and convenience of this program.

Set up your own Google Workspace today.


QuickBooks is the bookkeeping/accounting software that was recommended to us by our awesome Accountant.

This program makes accounting easy for anyone. Users can connect their bank accounts, set up customers, create invoices, categorise transactions for tax purposes, formulate profit and loss statements, balance sheets – the works!

It’s also super simple to use and there are a number of plan options available.

If you’re interested in using QuickBooks, we would recommend touching base with your Accountant to help set this up for you!

Organisation & Scheduling

There is no denying that finding the time every day or week to schedule your social posts can be difficult. That’s why we recommend working on your social content when you’re having creative streaks! Maybe this is one or two times a month. That’s totally fine!

There’s nothing wrong with pumping out tonnes of social content in one hit, as long as you know where to store it until you’re ready to post, or better, how to schedule it to your desired platforms so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Here are just some of the programs we use both for our own content and our clients’ when it comes to creating copy:

Monday is a great program to utilise if you’re working as part of a creative team or with a client.

Monday allows you to categorise your copy into your content pillars, add links to be included in your content, preview imagery to pair with your copy, set up regular hashtags and of course, collaborate on content with those in your team/account.

We definitely recommend this program!


Hootsuite is a pretty standard scheduling program and is a crowd favourite because of how easy it is to use.

While it may not have as many features as a program like Monday or Later, it still features a number of clever perks for users. Hootsuite will schedule posts to all social media platforms.

NOTE: There are subscription costs associated with the above platforms.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is another really useful scheduling tool. Users are able to schedule posts for all the pages they manage through Facebook and Instagram. FB Business Suite allows editors to customise Instagram and Facebook posts, adding things like links to Facebook posts (that won’t work on Instagram) and hashtags to Instagram posts.

The downside to FB Business Suite? It limits it’s social platforms to those that are owned by Facebook, so platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn cannot be scheduled through this program.


While we can’t give away TOO many secrets when it comes to content creation, we want to share with you a couple of programs/apps we use almost every day to create graphics for our own content/content for our clients.

Canva Premium

Canva is an Australian made design software. It’s user-friendly, versatile and enables users to create some pretty sweet content.

Here at Rise we opted for a paid subscription to Canva, which grants us with some really cool features, like building custom brand kits for each client, access to premium fonts and graphic elements and animation features.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Look, if we’re being honest, we have a love-hate relationship with the Adobe Suite.

It’s one of the most in-depth programs out there in terms of the time it takes to learn how to use, but it’s also one of the only programs that can create such a wide variety of unique, visual magic.

The Adobe programs we use in-house are InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop and Premiere Pro, which are arguably the most popular programs and allow us to create visually appealing proposals, videos, social media content, print material, corporate identity and signage for our clients.

The Adobe Suite is definitely an investment and can be quite XXy, but when you work in an industry like marketing or visual design, it’s a worthy investment.

Of course, there are a number of extra programs we use within the Rise team to ensure we provide the highest quality services to our clients but we’d be here for a while if we were to list them all!

These programs have been incredibly beneficial so far within Rise Marketing & Creative, and hopefully you will see some of these benefits yourselves!

Let us know if you decide to give any of these programs/apps a try – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lastly, if you’re at the stage within your business where you’re ready to outsource some of your time-consuming tasks – we’re here for you!

To read about our services, visit our Services page. Or, if you’d like to organise a consultation to have a chat about your needs, get in touch with us today!

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